Sienna and Guido: The Terragethen Years

Both Sienna and Guido came to Terragethen in Oak Hill, Florida, as puppies. Sienna was born in Georgia, at Garlin Kennel. Her adorable mom, Tootsie, is still featured on the front page [on the left] and some of her relatives still reside there [including Tootsie, we believe]. Guido came from Tryme Farm & Kennel in Elk Creek, Missouri.

It was while researching Danke and Shamrock's family tree that we Munchkins were found. Several of Danke and Shamrock's family members, including their Grandparents, carry the Twin Oaks name. When one of our persons ran a Google search on 'Twin Oaks', the first link that came up was Guido's because his Great-Great Grandfather also carries the Twin Oaks name: Twin Oaks Blackie. We would love to establish if we're in any way related to Danke and Shammi, but so far, we've had no luck. However, irregardless of any blood ties, they are our sisters and we are very grateful to Google for their help in bringing us together.

During their Terragethen days, Sienna and Guido had several litters, together and with other dogs. Sienna had five litters three with Guido [including our Munchkin litter], one with Odie, a Chocolate & Tan Dapple Longhair Mini, and one with Lazer, a Pomeranian. While the Sienna-Lazer mating was not intended, we've been lucky enough to have seen pictures of one of their sons [our half-brother!] and he is absolutely adorable!

Guido became the proud father of eight litters. In addition to his three with Sienna, he mated with Olympia [Black & Tan Soft-Coated Wirehair], Randa [Wild Boar Wirehair], Missy [Longhair Red with white markings], and Syngin [Red Sable Wirehair], all Miniature Dachshunds.

After their retirement in 2004, Guido stayed at Terragethen while Sienna came to live with us. And thus it remained for the next three years. Although he was hundreds of miles away, Guido became a beloved member of our family and we remained in close contact with him and Michele. Then in April 2007, after a series of unfortunate events, it became necessary for Guido to find a new home. He hopped on a Continental flight and our persons met him at Newark Liberty International Airport. It was love at first sight for both humans and furkid and Guido had found his new 'Forever Home'!

*****Sienna and Guido at Terragethen*****

We have organized all of Sienna and Guido's pictures into individual albums, by year. Each album should open for you in a new window.
There are no known photos of Sienna and Guido together during their Terragethen years.

Sienna at Terragethen - 2000

Sienna at Terragethen - 2001

Sienna at Terragethen - 2004

Guido at Terragethen - 2000

Guido at Terragethen - 2001 thru 2003

Guido at Terragethen - 2004

Guido at Terragethen - Christmas Eve 2004

Guido at Terragethen - 2005

Guido at Terragethen - 2006

Guido at Terragethen - 2007

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All Photos in the "Sienna and Guido at Terragethen" section are courtesy of Michele Clay.
Thank you, Michele!

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