The Munchkins Go to the Groomer!

1-The Trauma
2-Dry & Groom
3-Sienna After
4-Munchkins After

The Munchkins Go to the Groomer!

Hi! Chloe and Pumpkin here! We had a really scary experience and we'd like to tell you about it.

Our day started out as just another day. We ate, we played, we napped......just like we always do. Then around 12:45, Mommy Sienna left us to go for a ride in the car. We didn't like that one bit. We don't like it when Mommy Sienna goes off and leaves us. She's our Mommy and we depend on her!

A little while later, our people returned, but without Mommy Sienna. The next thing you know, we were scooped up and we got to go for a car ride, too! We went to someplace called "Animal Attractions". We were scared, really scared, Pumpkin especially. It had some kind of noisy machines running inside, but that's not what scared us. We were scared even before we entered the place.

So there we were, shaking in our boots. Well, we don't have boots, but you get the picture. The groomer took our collars and leashes off. And then - we spotted our Mommy Sienna!! There she was, sitting in a cage, with a wind machine blowing her around. But as usual, she was calm and unconcerned. Yep, that's our Mommy Sienna. She's calm, cool and collected. She has nerves of steel. Ours, on the other hand, are made of jello. Hee, hee, hee!!!

Unfortunately, we didn't have time for a reunion. We were whisked past her and thrown into some sort of a torture chamber. It looked like a bathtub, but it was high above the ground and had some sort of nooses in it. I guess they hang the dogs who misbehave. By this time, we were terrified and shaking like leaves. We're not wild about bath time, anyway, but this was even worse. I, Chloe, tried several times to escape by climbing over the edge, but each time I was grabbed and thrown back in. Pumpkin tried, too, but she's not the champion jumper that I am. She was also distracted by the water and the shampoo, both of which she tried to eat. That's my sister, always looking for a snack!

I guess we weren't all that bad, because they took us out of there and didn't try to hang us. We were then put into a cage right next to Mommy Sienna. What appeared to be a jet engine was placed in front of it and that kept blowing hot air on us.

We each had a private session with our groomer after that. We'd already had manicures, but now we were brushed and our ears were cleaned. Mommy Sienna got a haircut, too! Then each of us had cologne sprayed on us and got 'decorated'. Pumpkin and I got matching scarves and Mommy Sienna got decorated with little bows.

Naturally, our people had to photograph the entire session. As if that wasn't enough, our lovely groomer took our picture, too!

Of course, there were more pictures taken when we got home: in the car, on the front lawn, in the house. Geesh, it's tough being adorable. Life is just one photo session after another. It just never ends.

Rather than bore you with dozens of pictures of us............Wait a minute. No one would be bored looking at pictures of us! What was I thinking?

Okay, let's try this again. Rather than dazzle you with dozens of delightful pictures of us, Pumpkin spent all that evening picking out the best ones and cropping them so that you would be able to relive the trauma that we experienced from the comfort of your computer chair. And then, of course, gaze upon the fabulous end results! We do look pretty cute, if we say so ourselves!

Just so you know what you're looking at, here's a quick explanation of each of the albums:

1-The Trauma - Our time in the torture chamber.

2-Dry and Groom - All of us after our baths and Mommy Sienna with our groomer. We promised her that we wouldn't put her picture on the Internet, which is why she's been cut out of the photo. It's a shame, because she's very attractive, but we respect her right to her privacy.

3-Sienna Afterwards - posing at Animal Attractions, on our front lawn and in the house. You may notice that in the last of this group, she has water on her head. We adore Mommy Sienna, but she can be a tad sloppy when she drinks her water!

4-The Munchkins Afterwards - Us at home afterwards, still in our scarves.

We hope you enjoy our little visual presentation!

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