Our Sister, Pumpkin, & our Half-Brother, Freddie

We are very pleased to be able to bring you photos of our sister (from another litter), Pumpkin, and her (and our) half-brother, Freddie. Both this Pumpkin and the Munchkin Pumpkin (co-owner of this site) are Smooth Chocolate and Tan Mini Doxies. Called 'Punkin' as a puppy, she became 'Pumpkin' when she went to her new home. And, yes, that means that Sienna & Guido have two daughters named Pumpkin! We think it's the perfect name for a Chocolate Dachshund!

Freddie, Guido's son with Syngin, is a Black and Tan Wirehair Mini and is two months younger than Pumpkin. After becoming best friends as puppies, they were lucky enough to be adopted together. While we've never met, we keep in touch and have become friends with their terrific family. We very much appreciate them allowing us to host these pictures of their adorable puppies!

We are Family!

Here we are, along with Pumpkin and Freddie. They're on the left and we Munchkins are on the right. We think it's pretty easy to see the family resemblance, don't you?

*****Pumpkin & Freddie*****

We have listed each of our pages along with a brief description. Each album should open for you in a new window.
As time goes on, we hope to add new pictures, so that you - and we - can enjoy and share in a little piece of their lives.

Pumpkin, our sister from another litter, as a puppy at Terragethen

Freddie, our half-brother, as a puppy at Terragethen

Freddie and Pumpkin with their new Mommies

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