Chloe, Pumpkin, Sienna & Guido's Favorite Links!
(Plus a Few of Our Humans' Favorites!)

Doxie Lovers Sites:

♦   Harlow, Sage, Indiana & Reese
(One adorable Weimaraner and her darling Doxie BFFs. Harlow and Indiana are both the proud authors of books!)

♦  Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund
(A SuperStar in the Dachshund World! Crusoe has his own Blog, videos & a book. Plus he's a chef!)

♦  Always Hungry Cat
(The adventures of a cutie-pie Dachshund, Mr. Pepper, and his fellow Canine & Feline family members)

Animal Lovers' Sites:

♦  Esther the Wonder Pig
(A 'micro pig' who grew to over 600 pounds. So loved and adored by her parents that they moved to a farm, Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary, so they could care for Esther and rescue other animals in need.)

♦  Mr. Winkle
(Too cute for words!!)

Tributes to Pets Who've Gone to the Rainbow Bridge:

♦  Remembering King Lacey - A Life Well-Lived
(One of our oldest & closest friends. We met him on MySpace way back when & our friendship continued on Facebook. Sadly, King went to the Rainbow Bridge in 2014 but his family's love for him lives on, as shown in this beautiful tribute, written by his Mommy, Darlene.)

♦  Yesterday was weird...
(The last moments of Benny Pointer, a White Boxer, as he journeys to the Rainbow Bridge. Beautifully written but incredibly sad.)

♦  In case you wondered...
(Update from Benny Pointer on his 'afterlife' and how his human is coping.)

Animal Shelters & Rescue:

♦  Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas (DDRTX)

♦  All Texas Dachshund Rescue (ATDR)

♦  North Shore Animal League (Port Washington, NY)

♦  Best Friends Animal Society (Kanab, Utah)

♦  Lighthouse Animal Rescue (All breed rescue and adoption run by a very dedicated & honest lady)

Poison Control:

♦  ASPCA: Animal Poison Control Center

Helpful Pet Sites:

♦  Dodger's List
(THE site for Paralysis & Intervertebral Disc Disease in Dachshunds AND in all dogs.)

♦ Physical Therapy for Pets
(Information and TONS of links for therapy and rehab for dogs and cats.)

♦  Medical First Aid & CPR for Pets

♦  National Council for Aging Care's Guide on Pets for Seniors

♦  Resource Guide: Raising a Dog on a Budget

♦  The PPG Pet Travel Guide [Downloadable PDF!]

♦  Dogs for Kids Resource Guide

Dachshund Breeders:

♦  Garlin Kennel Miniature Dachshunds (Birthplace of Sienna)

Dachshund Blogs:

♦  The Long and Short of It All

♦  Daily Dachshund and Dog News

♦  Archie

Breed Information, Registries & Shows:

♦  Dachshund Club of America, Inc.

♦  National Miniature Dachshund Club, Inc.

♦  American Kennel Club (AKC)

♦  United Kennel Club (UKC)

♦  Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) (Canada's premier registry)

♦  Kennel Club of Great Britain (KCGB)

♦  Australian National Kennel Club (ANKC)

♦  New Zealand Kennel Club (NZKC)

♦  Federación Canófila Mexicana (FCMAC)

♦  Irish Kennel Club

♦  Japan Kennel Club (JKC)

♦  Westminster Kennel Club

Dachshund Retail Sites:

♦  Dachshund Delights

Christmas Retail Sites:

♦  Bronner's (The most beautiful Christmas ornaments, along with friendly, polite service! All of our ornaments have come from here!)

Pet Food & Supplies:

♦  Doctors Foster and Smith

Various Animal Sites:

♦  Old Friends (a retirement home for rescued racehorses)

♦  National Opossum Society

♦  Opossum Society of the United States of America

Doll Clothes:

♦  Kitt's Kloset (Quality handmade clothes for American Girl or other 18 inch doll)

Graphic Design:

♦  CCO Designs, LLC? (Top-notch Professional Graphic Designer)

Search Engines:

♦  Google (If it wasn't for Google, our persons might not have found us. Imagine how different all our lives would be…….)

Other Favorite Sites:

♦  Will there be animals in Heaven?

♦  The Pope Benedict XVI Fan Club

♦  Mystery Fiction (Fan Fiction for Diagnosis Murder, NCIS, Stargate and more)

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