Chloe Tells the True Story of Thanksgiving

Chloe Tells the True Story of Thanksgiving

A Little Background Information: In the 'World of the Munchkins', everything that happened in America during their first year was for them. The Fourth of July was the giant celebration that the entire country threw for the opening of their new website. Labor Day was in honor of the publication of their first Newsletter and was called 'Labor Day' in recognition of all the hard work and labor that they had put into it. They weren't sure what Halloween was, but Pumpkin worried that the "pumpkin carving" might mean surgery for her. Meanwhile, Chloe wondered if she could have Pumpkin's meals while she was gone.

And then Thanksgiving rolled around……….

Pumpkin: I'm sure that all of you remember the wonderful celebrations that America has thrown for us this year! Both the Fourth of July, to celebrate the opening of our website, and Labor Day, to celebrate the publication of our first Munchkin Newsletter, were greatly appreciated by us! Now, another holiday has been declared in our honor. This one is called 'Thanksgiving', apparently in recognition of how lucky the country feels to have us among them. And it's being celebrated on our 8th month birthday! I'm so touched and excited that I can hardly stand it. My little heart is just filled with love for all of you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Chloe: Oh, Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin! You've got to learn not to talk unless you know what you're talking about. Thanksgiving is not to honor us! It's been an American holiday for many years.

Oh, dear, it's not for us? Not even a little bit for us?

Not even a little bit.

So does that mean the Dachshund balloon in the Macy's Parade isn't for us, either?

No, Pumpkin, that's not for us, either.

Pumpkin, are you alright? You're not crying, are you?

No, I'm f-f-f-fine, but would you have a t-t-tissue?

Gee, I'm sorry, Pumpkin, but we ate them all, remember?

So, anyway, would you like to know the real story of Thanksgiving?

Oh, yes, wise one, please tell me.

Okay, here goes! May Flower was a very wealthy woman who came to America on a ship from England.

Did she sail on the QE2?

No, silly, this was a really, really long time ago. I think she came on the Titanic.

The Titanic? Oh, no! Didn't that sink?

Yes, but May Flower was rescued by Christopher Columbus, who was headed back home after having had a city in Ohio named in his honor.

Anyway, May settled on Cape Cod and became famous for her fabulous dinner parties. They became the talk of all of New England!

But what does this have to do with Thanksgiving?

Patience, little sister! I'm getting to that part.

One weekend, May decided to throw the party of all parties. People from all over the world flew in, just to attend her party. Being a kind soul, she also decided to invite any lonely travelers who were in the area, and that included the Cleveland Indians, who were in Boston that weekend.

The baseball team?

Yep, and I hear they had a 'ball'! Ha, ha, ha!!!

Wow, that must have been some party. So, I guess she invited the Red Sox then, too, huh?

Oh, my, no! Of course not! May Flower was a New York Yankees fan!

I see. So what did May serve at this party? Tell me all about the food!

Well, she served turkey, of course, which is why everyone has turkey on Thanksgiving. And there was popcorn and toast.

Ooooh, just like Charlie Brown!

Right! And for dessert they had both Boston Cream Pie and Pumpkin Pie.

Pumpkin Pie? Pumpkin Pie? Chloe, my name is 'Pumpkin Pie'! Are they going to eat me on Thursday?

Um, well, gee, Pumpkin, I don't think so. Probably not. Um, I'm not really sure.

Pumpkin? Pumpkin?

Oh, dear, does anyone have any smelling salts?

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Reprinted with permission from The Munchkin Newsletter, Volume No.1, Issue No.3, November 25, 2004

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