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These are our 'baby pictures'! They were taken during our first 8 weeks,when we were still living at Terragethen, our birthplace in Oak Hill, Florida. Some of you may have already seen these pictures in our Ofoto album. If so, then we want to let you know that no additional pictures have been added. If you'd like to look at them again, we'd be thrilled. But we know you're busy & probably on a tight schedule. We understand that! We've got a busy schedule, too. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to fit in all the playing, eating & sleeping that we want to do every day?

If you haven't seen these pictures, then we think you're in for a treat! Included in them are our 3 brothers, our Mommy, Sienna, our Daddy, Guido, and a few of our special friends at Terragethen.

We'd like to thank Michele Clay, who took all the pictures in "The Early Days" galleries, for allowing us to use them. Thank you, Aunt Michele!

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March 25, 2004: Sienna and her Twelve Hour Old Litter

March 29, 2004: The Litter at Four Days Old

April 7, 2004: Chloe & Pumpkin

April 12, 2004: "Sleepy Puppies"

April 21, 2004: Chloe & Pumpkin

April 26, 2004: Chloe & Pumpkin & their Brothers

May 2, 2004: Pumpkin's First Outside Adventure

May 3, 2004: Chloe's First Outdoor Adventure

May 13, 2004: Chloe, Pumpkin, 2 Brothers, Sienna & Timber

May 17, 2004: Pumpkin, Kayla & Guido

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